Saturday, September 24, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish

Another amazing polish from a brand that is quickly becoming a favourite of mine!
Check out this awesome Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish in Trafalger Square (Silver).
(Also available in Big Ben (Gold), and Houses of Parliament (Purple)).
A few weeks back I did a post on Nails Inc's 3D Glitter Polish that I had picked up in the states... and now that the brand has made it's way to Canada, I couldn't be more excited to share with you guys this beautiful and unique new polish!
Plus, this dark silvery grey is prefect to rock throughout the fall season!

(no flash - click photo to enlarge)

After painting on a thin coat of polish and waiting for it to dry, apply a thick layer of polish and hold the magnet attached to the polishes lid over the nail for 5-10 seconds. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron powder in the formulation gravitates toward the magnet forming the pattern of black swirls and leaving you with a cool design that reflects beautifully (and almost holographically) in the light!

You can pick up these amazing new polishes at select Sephora stores through the GTA.

xo candice
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