Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glitter Nail Tips

Here's a fairly simple nail design that looks clean and fun!

1 Apply your base coat (to better adhere your polish and prevent yellowing).
2 Apply sparkle polish carefully only to the tips of the nails. Don't worry about the sparkles being sparse. I have about three layers of sparkle on the tips of my nails in total. Each layer builds upon the other adding more sparkle each time.
3 Add two more layers of sparkle on the tips of your nails. If you get a large glitter particle too low on the nail simply push it up or remove it with either the brush or your finger. 
4 Apply a top coat to protect, smooth, and add a glossy shine.

Another great advantage of this design is that glitter polish really strongly adheres to the nail so you're guaranteed a long lasting manicure. Plus, if your polish chips it's not very noticeable and it's easy to touch up!

In this look I used Sephora OPI 'Flurry Up Top Coat'. I like the silver on a lighter skin but have fun with it! This glitter nail polish also comes in gold ('Only Gold For Me Top Coat') and now in a really new unique copper shade ('Traffic Stopper Copper Top Coat')!

xo candice

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