Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Favourites

February has had me longing for spring but still cozying up to my favourite winter products. In this post you'll find great products that I've loved this month to hydrate the skin, warm the spirits, and compliment all those winter colours.

This month I have fallen in love with Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. It gives a gorgeous glow to my tired winter skin and I love that I can mix it in with my foundation or just pat it on top of my cheekbones for a healthy luminosity. Another perk? SPF 20!

I also switched up my usual exfoliator this month for the Fresh Soy Face Exfoliator. I love this! My skin feels and looks so soft and radiant, and how couldn't it? A microdermabrasion dupe with rose hips, cucumber and pomegranate seeds, these beads are so tiny and gentle you'll want to use this everyday! But remember, only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Over exfoliating can do the opposite of what you want, and end up doing harm to the skin.

We all know dark nail polishes are always in during the winter months and I've been no stranger to them. This season I've been loving Nars' Purple Rain. I find myself taking it off and just putting it right back on. This deep purple has a golden pink shimmer shot through it and compliments any outfit. Want other great dark colours? Hurry up and get over to MAC for the limited addition wonder woman nail polish in Spirit of Truth. It is the creamiest navy blue and has no shimmer. Gorgeous! And try to get your hands on OPI's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, a very dark forest green that I know has been flying off the shelves.

My next February favourite is one I've used for years but neglected a lot in the last year or so. This month I've found myself reaching for my Biosilk silk therapy hair serum. This serum makes my hair feel and smell great and I love that it's for the hair and body! I use it in wet and dry hair and am never disappointed. I know this serum can be a little pricey, but keep your eyes open... I found a 350ml bottle for $25 at Winners.

Lastly, I have to say I'm a girl who is very particular about her perfumes and this February I've worn my ChloƩ eau de toilette almost everyday. It's a gorgeous warm floral and I feel really great when I wear it! Plus I'm a sucker for the gorgeous packaging.

What have you been loving so far this year? I'm always looking for new great products! And don't forget to keep checking back for more product reviews, tips, tricks, and fun makeup looks!

xo candice

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