Friday, March 4, 2011

OPI Black Shatter Nail Lacquer + Steps To Your Perfect Manicure!

I'm loving this fun new polish but theres a few things you need to know before you start getting creative!
Shatter polish doesn't work unless you have a completely dry base colour underneath. It works best with bright contrasting colours and metallics! Add your favourite top coat (I like China Glaze Patent Leather Top Coat or Seche Vite) for a smoother texture and added shine.

Can't find Black Shatter anywhere? Quick! Run to a Sally Beauty Supply and swipe one (or more) of China Glazes six new crackle glaze polishes. You can get endless colour combinations with these fun colours, in black, purple, pink, mint, white and grey!

With this new trend of printed nails and spring just around the corner I started thinking, why not make this the start of your brand new at home manicure and get your nails in tip top shape for the upcoming seasons? (Which promise to have our nails screaming out loud with bright splashes of pinks and oranges!)

If you really want a spa like experience...
1 Let your hands soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes to hydrate, and cleanse.
2 Next you want to push back those cuticles. I recommend skipping the cuticle nippers and grabbing a cuticle remover solution. You can get inexpensive ones that work great at Shoppers Drug Mart from brands like Sally Henson and Revlon.
3 The next step is one I find a lot of people neglect (and I used to be one of them!). The base coat. Since using a base coat I've found that my dark winter polishes haven't stained my nails, and I can go days longer without chipping. Invest in a base coat! It's there for a reason.
4 Apply the first coat of your nail polish in as few strokes as possible (this will prevent streaking) and let each coat dry two minutes in between to let the colour set. This will help the nail polish adhere better to the nail resulting in a longer lasting manicure with a more opaque even coverage.
5 Finally, apply your top coat for added protection and high gloss shine!

Now, if you're a girl on the go like me, you can pick up a quick dry product. I use L'Oreal Quick Dry but have recently fallen in love with the new refreshing and great smelling Sephora OPI drying spray. Another cheap alternative? Soak your manicure in ice water. It will dry in less than a minute.

I also recommend grabbing a cuticle cream. This will prevent the skin around the nails from drying, cracking, and peeling. If you really want to splurge, there is none better than the Dior Creme Abricot Nail Replenishing Cream. You see results the first time you use it and within a week or two you'll find you need to use it less and less! (Plus the packaging is to die for!).

Here I have Black Shatter shown with a few colours I can't wait to sport it with this spring/summer!

Grey - Sephora OPI 'Under My Trench Coat'
Mint - Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'
Yellow - Sephora OPI 'IM Beauty' (on sale now!)
Orange/Peach - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 'Mango Motion'
Pink - China Glaze 'Pool Party'

Have you tried any of the shatter or crackle nail polishes? What colour combo's have you come up with?

xo candice

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