Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: DuWop Revolotion Body Bronzer

Where do I even start? I can't explain to you guys how much I love this product!
I'm a fairly light girl... and it takes a good amount of sun to get some colour on me (especially my legs) but I love to sport shorts and dresses in the warm weather!
The DuWop Revolotion Body Bronzer makes that summer skin we love look even better!

Here's a shot of my left leg with Revolotion on and my right leg without it.
See the difference?

Here's why I love it:
It gives the skin a bit of bronze colour (like a self tanner would) but smooths on easily and non streaky and washes right off (which means no orange hands and no semi-permanent orange patches)!
It evens out the skin tone like a light foundation for the body (so it's great for girls concious about veins, redness, dark spots or KP).
Your skin genuinely looks healthier, more hydrated and glowing and is protected by SPF 15.
It has no shimmer so it looks naturally beautiful! You don't have to worry about going outside and sparkling like a disco ball.
The colour is a true brown that never looks orange so you'll aways look naturally sun kissed!
A little bit goes a long way and it's layerable to get darker colour or more coverage depending on the look you want.
It comes in two shades (original and deep) so it works great for all skin tones!
Duwop's website even recommends using it to naturally contour the face for more defined features!

Here's how I use it:
I recommend waiting about 5 minutes before getting dressed to avoid transfer of the product onto your cloths. Personally, I've never had an issue with this rubbing off on anything!
I always put on a body butter first and then apply this... it's an extra step but it makes a big difference. I get the hydration I need for my dry skin from the body butter and then find that the body bronzer glides on much more smoothly and I end up using less of it!
Wash your hands! The product wont stain... but brown palms aren't exactly attractive.

So what do you guys think? Is this a product you can jump onboard with? Cause' it's always going to be a staple in my beauty routine!

xo candice

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  1. OMG, I LOVE this stuff! I rarely wear shorts or short skirts during any time of the year, so my legs are PASTY white, where as my upper body tans so easily being exposed to the sun in just one day... =(

    This stuff puts me back to being right to look at though! Great post! I thought they discontinued it, but they just repackaged it... it used to be in a blue tube. =)