Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: The Beautyblender Sponge

So I'm sure that if you've heard of the Beautyblender you're probably asking yourself 'Why is the Beautyblender so amazing and what makes it different from any other makeup sponge?'.

Well, here are some points of difference...
1 The Beautyblender was made without edges (unlike your typical square or flat round sponge) so that as your blending, you will never be able to see where the foundation begins and ends. This is a huge advantage because you will never have streaky foundation!
The Beautyblender is meant to be used damp and when you add water to it it expands to nearly double it's size! Sponges absorb liquid, but if your Beautyblender is already wet, it wont absorb any of your foundation! The slightly damp sponge also leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on your face as you apply your foundation.
Beautyblender is very lightweight and much less dense than other egg shaped sponges which means it has more bounce and is comfortable on the skin. I also find that this feature gives you more control of how much product you are depositing.
4 You can also use your Beautyblender with concealers, loose mineral powders, cream blushes and bronzers, and even self tanners!

To use your Beautyblender...
Submerge your Beautyblender in water and squeeze out the excess with your hands or in a towel.
Dot your foundation all over the face and then bounce and stipple the Beatuyblender all over to evenly distribute the foundation with ease.
If you want more coverage, simply repeat the process by adding more foundation.
4 Use the tapered end for tough to reach areas like around the eyes and nose. Or you can use it for concealer or blush work!
I like to use my Beautyblender to soften the edges of my blushes and bronzers that I have applied with brushes. I can take my Beautyblender with whatever foundation remains on the sponge and bounce it around the edges of my blush and bronzer to give them perfectly airbrushed edges!

To take care of your Beautyblender...
1 You should ideally wash your sponge after each use.
2 Beautyblender has a Blendercleanser but I just use a gentle baby shampoo that I work into the sponge by rubbing it gently with my thumb and forefinger. Work the shampoo into the sponge and rinse under water... repeat until clean.
3 I store my Beautyblender in a glass jar on my desk while it shrinks and dries.
4 If properly taken care of, a Beautyblender sponge should last approximately 3 months. You'll know it's time to change your sponge when the pink colour fades, and it just wont shrink back to it's original size and shape.

The effect I find I get from my Beautyblender reminds me of an airbrushed look. I find the foundation sits on the skin a lot nicer and is a lot less likely to catch on dry skin or blemishes. The coverage it gives really depends on the foundation you are using, so first determine the amount of coverage your foundation gives. That being said, the Beautyblender makes layering products a breeze. You can layer whatever product you want with the sponge to achieve more coverage yet maintain a fairly natural look! I also love how quick and effortless it is and how if I'm giving myself a bit of a tan, it's easy to get the neck and ears! I love my Beautyblender and will definitely be a dedicated client for a long time!

I picked up my Beautyblender at IMATS but if you go to the BeautyBlender website you can find a list of retailers in your area.

I hope this was helpful! (PS I only said Beautyblender 23 times in this post... well I guess now it's 24!)

xo candice
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