Monday, October 28, 2013

Silent Film Star Costume

I saw an image on Pinterest of someone dressed up as a silent film star and thought it was a really cool idea so I gave it a go for my Halloween costume on Saturday night. I wanted it to look like i just stepped out of a black and white film and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

For the make up I mixed a black and white cream to create my base and applied it all over my face and neck. I used a grey eye shadow to set it in place and then used black and grey eye shadows to do my eyes and contour. For the lips I used a dark grey eyeliner.

For my costume I used an inexpensive black wig; a dress, necklace, gloves and shoes I already owned; and then grey stockings on my legs and arms.

My fella wanted to look like he got beat up so I gave him a few bruises and a pretty bloody nose! 

Hope you guys are enjoying celebrating Halloween!


  1. You are so talented. Good job! You look great. If I saw your fella on the street looking like that I would call 911 for an ambulance.

  2. Candice you are beyond talented, Keep up the good work!

  3. Your eyes aren't their usual icy blue on these pictures. Do you have any pictures of this makeup /costume design that are not "Photoshoped"? I'd love to see what it really looks like. It's a fantastic idea!

    1. None of these photo's are photoshopped... The only thing I know how to do is crop and add edge blur, lol. I think my eye colour feeds off of the makeup and hides a bit behind my glasses. I also used flash to take the photo's and that may effect it as well. If you click on the photos and enlarge them you can see that my eyes have not been retouched!

  4. Candice is too talented to have to PhotoShop anything :) Best costume to date!