Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zombies... Eat Flesh!

Here's a fun break from the pretty looks for everyone! This look uses basic techniques to create an effective zombie character great for Halloween!
Hope you guys enjoy it!

1 Apply a layer of liquid latex (or lash glue) in various areas on the face and let dry. You will come back to these areas later to create texture on the skin. You can also use your liquid latex with tissue or cotton to create raised wounds and scars by simply layering the liquid latex and cotton a few times on top of one another. You can then leave it how it is or carefully poke it open and peel up the edges in different spots (this is what I did for the skin on my forehead). Remember to avoid any hair when using liquid latex or else it will be very painful to remove.
2 Use various cream colours (cool browns, blues and greens) to accentuate the hollows of your cheeks and around your eyes. You can also use powders to add depth and dimension to the skin... making it look old, dirty and weathered.
3 Rub the areas you applied the layers of liquid latex earlier to break them apart and create something that starts to look like small holes. This is a really quick and easy way to make effective texture on the skin.
4 Use colours like red and purple as a base in the areas you want blood, bruising and wounds.
5 Add fake blood to your wounds using a q tip. Be sure to choose a dark blood or aged/dry blood for the most realistic effect! And remember to take it easy on the blood as well... sometimes blood can cover up all the details you worked so hard at earlier and can start to make your design sloppy and unrealistic.
6 Remember to add makeup to areas like your eyelids, brows, lips, neck, and into your hairline! Paying attention to small details like this is what will really set your look apart.
7 Stain your teeth with a professional tooth stain in browns and blacks (you can also use food colouring or gel icing but it will fade very quickly)!
8 Tease your hair and scruff it up. I applied a tinted dry shampoo to the roots to make them look a little dusty and applied a hair oil to the ends to make them look piece-y (which was a great conditioning treatment at the same time)!
9 Remember the more random the better... have fun and be creative with this type of look... anything goes!

Products Used:
Liquid Latex
Ben Nye Bruise Wheel
Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Cotton Ball
Ben Nye Tooth Colour (Black and Decay)
Ben Nye Fresh Scab
Cake Dry Shampoo (Light)
Alterna Kendi Oils

xo candice
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  1. great job on your zombie look....they seemed to be the most popular Halloween look this year!