Monday, October 24, 2011

Eye Of The Tiger!

Here's a look I did last year for Halloween Week at work on our animal themed day! I had a lot of fun doing this look and it was the first time I really stepped into a more in depth face painting!

1 Using an orange face paint and sponge, bounce the colour onto the apples of your cheeks, back through the hollow of the cheek, the temple, and sides of the forehead above the brow.
2 Stipple a yellow face paint onto highlighted areas like the tops of your cheekbones, brow bone, centre of the forehead, and between the eyes on the bridge of the nose.
3 Use a black cream, liquid, cake liner, or face paint to draw your tiger stripes on the forehead and cheekbones by saturating your brush with paint, laying it down, and wiggling slightly before ending in a point. Do as many or as little stripes as you want. I like to do an odd number of stripes.
4 Use your black paint to draw the tigers nose by starting low under the tip of your nose, filling in underneath and hooping slightly around the tips and sides of the nostrils. Also draw two lines on either side of the mouth, outline the lower lip, and draw two curvy triangles on the sides of the mouth for teeth.
Apply shadow primer all over the lid and a deep coloured shadow from your lash line to the crease. Use a detailing brush to pull out the shadow on the inner and outer corners to create a more cat like shape, and run your shadow along the lower lash line for a smokey effect.
6 Rim the upper and lower waterline with a black pencil eyeliner and apply a light coat of mascara to the upper and lower lashes before applying a wispy set of lashes.
7 Fill in the lower lip with a red lipstick or stain for staying power.
8 Use a white face paint to fill in the teeth and add highlights to your black lines.
Add smalls details like lines on the inner corners of the eyes, small dots throughout your design, and rhinestones and glitter in certain areas to really make the look come to life!

(click photo's to enlarge)

Products Used:
Kryolan Aquacolour palette (orange, yellow, black and white)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Nars Eyeshadow 'Night Porter'
Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil 'Zero'
Black Mascara
Sugar Half Lashes
Josie Maran Lip Stain 'Flamenco'
Makeup Forever Glitter 'Multicolour White #3'
Orange Rhinestones

xo candice

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