Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get Perfect Eyeliner... Every Time!

I know that eyeliner can be very difficult for some people, so here are a few of my best tips and tricks for you to start scoring the perfect sharp eyeliner look!
Celebrities really love this look and you'll see it on a lot of ladies like Angelina Jolie, Lauren Conrad, and Nicole Ricci!

1 Practice: My first and best tip is practice practice practice! I've done eyeliner on myself and others hundreds of times over many years so I've had tons of practice, so liner comes much easier to me now... but when I first started playing with it I had a hard time!

2 Choose Appropriate Products: Are you going to be using a liquid, gel or pencil liner? Pencils will give a softer look and are great for smokey eyes. Liquid and creams (gels) will give a much more precise and sharp line and are great for flicks and winged liner looks. If you are going to line the water line (inside of the eye) use pencils or creams... make sure you NEVER use a liquid liner on the waterline! Experiment with brushes. For me... super thin pointed brushes work best. You may find that an angled brush is easier for you. I highly recommend cream liners for beginners because they are much easier to work with. (My favourite ones are by Clinique and Bobbi Brown)!

3 Steady and Set Up: Before getting started you want to make sure you have a steady surface. Resting your elbows on a table will help steady your hands and prevent your hands from shaking when coming toward the eye. Resting your pinky or ring finger on the cheek while lining your eye will also prevent a shaky hand.

4 Focus on the lashes: Try to imagine that you're lining the root of your lashes as apposed to lining your lid. This will ensure that you get nice and tight to the lashes, and will help you get a very thin line. Most people tend to start tight to the lashes and then naturally slowly raise the liner coming up to high. If you think that you're drawing it on the lashes and not the lid, it will help you stay close and thin to the lashline. Always start thin and slowly build your thickness as needed. Generally you want a very skinny, barely there line at the inner corner of the eye that gradually gets thicker toward the outer corner.

5 Map It Out: When it comes to adding in the popular eyeliner flick my best trick is to use an angled brush and a powder eyeshadow close to your skin tone to mark out guidelines of where you want your flicks to be. Because the shadow is light and temporary it is easy to remove and redraw as needed. This is going to get you perfectly symmetrical angles. Theres nothing worse than uneven eyeliner! Unsure of where to place those flicks? Imagine your lower lashline extended out past your eye... this is where the flick should be.. it will be unique to each individuals eye shape. Avoid a flick that is too low (it will make your eyes look droopy and downturned) and avoid a flick that is too high (it will look awkward and cartoonish).

6 Keep your eye open: Do what is easier for you, but I find it is best to apply your eyeliner with the eye open looking down into a mirror. If you close and stretch your eye when you open and let go the line wont be anything like you thought it would! Keeping the eye open ensures you're placing product exactly where you want it... plus, stretching and pulling on the delicate eye area isn't ideal! Start from the centre of the eye and move back along the lashline in small short strokes. You can extend the line toward the inner corner afterward.

7 Take your time: Work slowly. Eyeliner looks quick, easy, and effortless but taking your time and slowly building a perfect sharp line is what it's all about!

I love having fun with my eyeliner... here's a fun liner look I did last year!

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xo candice

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