Sunday, November 18, 2012

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

I've been wearing my glasses a lot lately for one reason or another and thought that many people would really benefit from a fun post dedicated strictly to us visually impared!

Determining what style of eyeshadow you should wear really depends on your type of glasses.

If you are farsighted and your glasses tend to magnify your eyes, opt for darker, smokier looks which will make your eyes appear smaller. Experiment with matte shadows in deeper tones that will define your eyes and not amplify them. Feel free to play with colour in jewel tones like emeralds, navy's, and plums, and keep the colour close to the lash line. Tight line inside the eyes with dark kohl pencils. 

If you are nearsighted and your glasses tend to hide your eyes and make them look smaller, choose light, bright shadows that will make your eyes appear larger. Experiment with eyeliner to define the eyes so that they don't get lost behind your lenses, and a light shimmery shadow on the inner corners of the eyes to open them up. Enjoy light iridescent colours like lavender, bone, and pale blues and greens. Use flesh toned pencils on the inside of the eye for a wide eyed effect.

No matter what your style of glasses, always remember to use a brightening concealer under the eyes in case of any shadows your frames may cast on the face. Always add definition to your lashes, and always have well groomed, well defined brows! Your eye brows frame your frames and are really important for glasses wearers.

Know that these are just guidelines, and that people that wear glasses can wear any eyeshadow look they want! Always have fun with your makeup and your glasses and play up those beautiful eyes!

xo candice

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  1. i have a wonderful eyeglass prescription - i am nearsighted in one eye, and farsighted in the other. as a result, my eyes appear different sizes behind my glasses. do you have any suggestions for eye makeup that will draw attention to my eyes without making the "size difference" overly obvious?